In our present society, the problem of drug addiction is a serious one. One of the best and effective methods to come out of drug addiction is rehabilitation. But the cost of  drug and alcohol rehab centres seems to be high which discourages many people to go with the treatment. Since the total cost of the process cannot be determined by many, they tend to get stuck up in the process. Due to this fact, it is important that any person who is going to go ahead with the rehabilitation process should know about the detailed cost of the process beforehand.

alcohol and drug addiction

The Public and Private Options

When you are looking for the rehab centres, there is the option to go to the public facility or with the private facility. While the end goal remains the same here, the way these drug and alcohol rehab centres operate will be very different from one another. Since the public rehab centers are run by the government, they provide the free health care system. With this option, any person who is suffering from any kind of substance addiction can take treatment from this centre free of cost. Since the entire service is done free of cost there are some challenges attached to it. The people who look for these rehab centers, high in number and hence there is the difficulty in giving the exact service to all the people seeing treatment.

On the other hand, the private centers will charge a lot to the clients because there is no funding received from the government. These centers will mostly be operated by the private facilities and hence there will be the profit motive in mind. Their aim will be to become secure over the long run. To run the center the costs will be diluted down by the management to the end patients. Here there will be private therapists to look after each patient. The therapists will be visiting these patients and will counsel them for a specific time during the treatment. The cost for the therapist according to the hours will be added to the treatment cost.

drug and alcohol addiction treatement

Type of Treatment and Time Period

In the case of rehabilitation programs, the time period of the treatment and its effectiveness go hand in hand with each other. When a person who is suffering from substance addiction spends time in the treatment he or she gets to come out of it on a permanent basis when compared with the people who take short duration sessions. To spend time with this treatment one has to be an in-house patient. But this process will be costly as there will be charges for the boarding facilities in the drug and alcohol rehab centres. The cost involved will vary drastically when compared to the in-house patient with that of an outpatient. But any person who has serious addiction will have to spend more time in the drug and alcohol rehab centres. Talking about the types there are several types of rehabilitation treatment. There are certain common methods adopted by the therapists and there are varieties of tactics applied for different addictions.

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