Milk Bank

Everything You Need To Know About Milk Banking
The World Health Organization states that banked human milk is the next best choice when breastmilk from the baby’s own mother is not available. Human milk is pasteurized to ensure its safety while keeping most of its anti-infective properties.

The BC Women’s Milk Bank has operated for over thirty years and is the only human milk bank left in Canada providing pasteurized donor milk to high risk and ill children.


are healthy mothers who are able to produce more milk than their babies need
have a baby under 1 year of age
pass a telephone interview and screening by their doctor or midwife
pass blood tests
are able to donate at least 3 litres (100 oz.) of milk

babyTo receive banked milk please leave a message at , local 7634. A doctor’s/midwife’s prescription is required for donor milk.

In Greater Victoria Breastfeeding Matters may help families pay shipping costs to or from the Milk Bank in Vancouver.

To find out more about sending or receiving breastmilk in the Greater Victoria area please contact:

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Breastmilk Donation (pdf) Shipping Breast Milk: A guide for Victoria Donors (pdf)

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