Things to keep in mind before choosing the best medical clinic!

Whenever we want to choose a good medical treatment we want the best one in our place. But before taking a decision regarding Cannabis clinic Toronto we need to answer a few questions as follows:-

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You are a licensed producer?

Yes, under the Cannabis Act Regulations, we are happy to be a certified producer.

Where are you from?

Our manufacturing and manufacturing facility for medical cannabis is located outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Our patients live nationwide.

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How long has medical cannabis grown in CanniMed?

Cannabis clinic Toronto was the very first manufacturer authorized in Canada in 2013 to sell medical cannabis. Prior to that, our parent business, from 2000 to 2013, Prairie Plant Systems was Health Canada’s first and only provider of medical cannabis.

How fast can I get registered?

Your registration can be accepted in as little as 1 business day after we have received your finished request and medical document.

How am I placing my orders?

CanniMed provides our patients with safe online shopping, credit card mobile orders and postal-in orders.

How much product can I at one-time order?

You can order up to 30 days of supply or 150 grams at a moment according to the laws of Health Canada. Patients can order within their 30-day limit as many times as they wish.

This is an instance. If your doctor’s medical document authorization is 2 grams per day, your monthly allowance will be 60 grams (2 grams 30 days). Throughout the month you can order the whole quantity, or break it into a few orders. Due to the maximum of 150 grams, patients with restrictions above 5 grams per day will need to order numerous times within the 30-day limit. As quickly as you log into your internet account, you can also see your ownership restriction.

How do I get my medicine?

Our trusted shipping partners, Canada Post & Purolator, discreetly pack and ship all orders. For all orders over $99, we give free delivery.

Will my health plan covers your product’s price?

Medical cannabis is not covered under provincial or confidential drug plans in most instances, although checking with your supplier is always worthwhile. Cannabis clinic Toronto Medical cannabis bought from a certified producer can be asserted on your private tax return and you may be covered by Veterans Affairs Canada if you are a veteran.

What is pricing sympathetic and how can I submit?

CanniMed is responsible for ensuring that we can provide excellent quality medical cannabis to our patients ‘ requirements. This involves offering sensible access to all and replacing, wherever possible, economic barriers.

That’s why we developed a compassionate pricing scheme for disabled patients or comparable low-income subsidy programs. Tap here for more data and to apply.

Can I buy products from your parent business Aurora and vice versa to my registration with CanniMed Ltd.?

CanniMed registration only applies to CanniMed and does not apply to Aurora, our parent company. Likewise, you must register separately with any subsidiary Licensed Manufacturers to access their goods if you are enrolled with Aurora. To find more knowledge about Cannabis clinic visit this link!

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